Venezuelan artist Luis Cobelo presented his series Chas Chas at the 2020 AMA’s Artist Book Fair. Chas Chas pays homage to the much-fabled neighborhood Parque Chas of Buenos Aires (Argentina), casting new light on its wondrous spiderweb-like streets that mingle magic, mystery, and folklore.

The series is an intangible exploration of the intricate myths and amazing lives of Parque Chas neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Cobelo reveals in images the adventures of a writer who was told that fantastic and extraordinary things happen there. A place where wonderful mystical people live.

The reason such unusual things can take place there is because the center of the neighborhood was architecturally constructed similar to a spiderweb or a labyrinth. That’s why they say (the ‘chas chasians’) that if you enter into that concentric form, you may never leave, and magical things can happen to you. Many say that this is the true reality. Essentially, in Parque Chas everything is possible.