Make the economy scream

Make the economy scream


Dimensions: 4.75 x 7 x 2.5 inches (closed)
Edition: 25

From the 2nd Photography Artist Book Fair – AMA OAS Museum
2020 © OAS

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Title: Make the economy scream from the series Moving Memorials, 2017
Artist: María Verónica San Martín

Description: Based on the declassified document originally created in 1970 and titled “Meeting with the President” released by the National Security Archive of United States with other materials from the Chile Project of the Nixon administration and lead by renowned war criminal Henry Kissinger. Portraits of some Chilean victims mirror the current global status of minorities.

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Artist book/object with charcoal paintings on plastic, copper box, copper lid, and letterpress handkerchiefs.
Note: Prints are sold unframed and unmounted and shipped in a secure tube