End-of-Year Fundraising Campaign

The Children’s Hospital, Dr. Pedro de Elizalde, also known as Casa Cuna, is the oldest children’s hospital in the American continent, providing free care to the most vulnerable children in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and its neighboring countries. The hospital delivers comprehensive services ranging from preventive to specialty care including heart transplantation, rehabilitation and emergencies services.

One of the hospital’s most outstanding departments is the Respiratory Endoscopy. In particular, the endoscopy surgical team excels in the “Percutaneous vocal cord lateralization” procedure, an innovative surgery, used to treat young patients with vocal cord paralysis. Children with this condition can not breath properly due to the inability of the vocal cords to open and close correctly. Using microsurgical laryngeal instrumentation, the surgeons are able to repair this condition in a much safer, less invasive manner, as well as, reduce days of hospitalization and mortality rates. The team has performed over 2.500 surgeries since 1999.

The team is in need of new surgical equipment to continue performing these procedures. Due to the pandemic funding has been cut making it difficult to purchase the much needed equipment.

Beneficiaries: 100 patients per year, mostly from vulnerable sectors.

Institution: Endoscopy Service of the Hospital General de Niños Dr. Pedro de Elizalde (Casa Cuna)

Cost: $7,000 (USD) Includes laryngoscope, fiber optic light carrier, KLEINSASSER needle holder, KLEINSASSER sliders, dissector, KLEINSASSER grasping forceps, and HOPKINS® panoramic front view optics.


“Today could be a great day”

One of the phrases that, among drawings made with antifungal and antibacterial paints, dress the walls of rooms and corridors of Casa Cuna.