A community service project in Argentina where high school students will participate in an unforgettable, life-changing experience.


Any amount helps!($90 buys 1 filter)


Water Filters Donated


Water Filters Goal

We all know how refreshing it can be to drink a clean glass of water on a hot summer day and it is something we can take for granted.  Imagine having no choice but to drink a muddied, turbid liquid.  As you drink it, your stomach starts to ache. 

This is the experience many children have because clean water can be a luxury in remote parts of the world. If we can provide access to clean, safe water, we can change this experience and change lives by preventing water borne diseases and parasite infestations.

Community Service — Hands-on Experience

During this trip, students will travel to one of these remote places that struggles with water quality, the Quebrada del Toro in the Northwest region of Argentina.  They will travel through unpaved roads, harsh terrain and elevations that reach over 13,000 ft. to reach the most isolated communities in the region spread out over thousands of hectares. 

Once there, students will visit families in their homes or school and help teach them how to use high volume, gravity water purifiers with a capacity to purify 18,000 liters of water.  The goal is to provide 31 filters to the neediest families.  The cost of each filter is $90.  The filters are the only access to clean water these families will have as there is no running water in the homes.

In addition, as part of a larger community project, students will learn how these communities are fighting malnutrition, particularly childhood malnutrition, through self-sustainable gardening and education. Through this exciting exchange of ideas and experiences each side will gain broader perspectives of their world and the people in it.

This project is possible thanks to the help of Romina y Claudio Caceres from Fundacion Pueblos Nativos, the parents and kids who are traveling, and to all the donors who made this project possible!!

Project Coordinators:
Betina Franceschini, betina.franceschini@cedawashington.org
Claudio Caceres (Fundacion Pueblos Nativos – www.fundacionpueblosnativos.org)